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Home Staging {Realtors}

  • Photography + Photo Staging for clients' listings on your website

  • Home Staging for a quick sale, from a walk-through consultation assessing what should be done pre-listing, to furniture staging/redesign for existing homes and new builds. I can work with any situation to create the best-looking product. 


There are varying levels of home staging. Home staging consultation begins with a written assessment of the weakest areas of the home, or the items that need to be removed or relocated, de-cluttering, cleaning, minor repairs and even repainting may be done. Homeowners can choose what, if anything, they wish to do. 


The next step will begin with the work of staging for photos and/or for sale. This could include rearranging furniture, new curtains, displaying vignettes for beautiful focal points, adding elements that draw the attention to appealing areas such as fireplaces, patios, and porches; and bringing in a large number of props that enhance the overall look and feel of any space. This could mean adding plants, pillows, throws, baskets, artwork, lamps and more. This can be done for just the photo shoot or arrangements can be made for semi-permanent placements.  As a buyer strolls through your home, you don't want them to THINK (money, time, lack of vision,) you want them to FEEL. 

If you are a developer with a new home, do not underestimate the power of staging.  Even creating ambiences in the main rooms of the home will help a buyer visualize moving in and making the home theirs. It's a competitive market...make your home stand out and be the one the buyer remembers most. In a recent NAR study, 81% of buyers found staged homes easier to visualize the property as a future home.  Need more convincing?  Check out the these incredible staging statistics!

Home Design {Homeowners}

  • Single Room Design to Whole House Design*

  • E-design (design for distant clients)

  • Personal shopping assistance

  • Prep/Stage Homes for Sale

  • Access to established, reputable contractor resources




Entertaining {Party Planning}

  • Take the stress out of milestone birthday parties, showers, graduation open houses. I can provide theme ideas, decor and a menu for your event.

*Terms of Design:

~$600 per room for design schematic mood board and source list. This includes the consultation and all work leading up to the final presentation and agreed upon design. Each design includes one revision, if necessary. $50/hour per additional revision.

Designs will be presented via email, unless otherwise specified or requested.
Designs are presented as "inspiration" boards so that a certain look can be achieved for any budget, but will also include a source list so the design can be replicated completely.

~Shopping/installation of designed room with source list is $75/hour for Room-Design clients; $100/hour for non-contracted design clients.

~$100/hour for all other design work.

- Please contact House of Covella Designs for pricing on full-house remodel/renovations that include design, construction management, timelines, sourcing, and installation. This will vary on rooms and size and scope of project.

Contact Andrea at to collaborate!

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